Salmon Tartar, peach, tomatoes, black garlic pearls. 

Salmon Tartar, peach, tomatoes, black garlic pearls. 

It is a delicious dish that looks great and is very quick to make.

It is now a wild peach time and they invite to be used in many dishes.

For 2 plates (10 min to prepare)

1 flat peach
1 tomato (without seeds, I took an orange one but it is not a must)
100g fresh salmon loin
Mango vinegar with saffron (soon available in the shop)
Salt, pepper,
Lemon juice, lemon oil
Black Garlic Pearls

Cut the peach longwise and remove the stone. Warm the halves up in a warm pan with some lemon juice (or yuzu juice)
Cut tomato in small cubes (without seeds and juice), season with salt and some lemon oil
Mix green with just a little bit of oil
Cut salmon loin in small cubes, season with mango vinegar and salt
Layer on the plate – peach with the cut-side up, tomatoes, greens, salmon tartar and place some black garlic pearls on top and some flowers or microgreens if you like. The dish is ready and needs just 10min of preparation.

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