Valentine’s Day Set


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1 jar of Champagne Pearls
1 jar of Yuzu Saffron Pearls
1 jar of Strawberry Vinegar Pearls
1 Bottle of Mango Vinegar with Saffron
Recipes for 3 dishes using these products or I will help you if you need some ideas to use them for your Valentine’s dinner


  • 1 jar of Champagne Pearls – well, Champagne is love. Put a few of these unique pearls on a little caviar appetizer, on a fash tartare or carpaccio , or on top of sorbet.
  • 1 jar of sunny Yuzu Saffron Pearls to add a fruity touch with gentle acidity on a Scallop dish, seafood or chicken, or on a creamy cheesecake or even ice cream
  • 1 jar of Strawberry Vinegar Pearls. Strawberries are a must on this day but it is not a season. Add these fruity pearls tasting like ripe fresh strawberries with a little acidic touch to your salads, meat dishes, or cheeses.
  • Bottle of a Fruity, Rich and Creamy Mango Vinegar with Saffron. A few drops are sufficient to make a delicious dressing for your salad, to spice salmon tartar or to fry vegetables like baby corn or asparagus. And Saffron is known to be an aphrodisaicum for ages!
  • 4 recipes with these products for a Valentine’s menu