Pearls of Port


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Delivery Time: ca. 48 hours

Pot 75g (net weight 50g) ca. 100 pearls (9mm)

Catering size 200g (150g net) ca. 300 pearls (price on demand)

Originating from Douro Valley in Portugal Port is a rich sweet red wine served after meals, often with cheese, nuts or chocolate.

As pearls, Port is not just a drink but it enhances many dishes. They are intensive both in taste and in color and a real treat both visually and on the palate. A fun to use on a warm summer day or in warm dishes in winter. Try them with

  • classics like a melon with ham
  • foie gras
  • red meat and poultry
  • fish as tuna or prawns
  • cheeses as blue cheese or pecorino
  • desserts, cupcakes and in patisserie, and of course in drinks.

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