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3 pots of pearls 3 x 75g (ca. 90 pearls each)

Tomato balsamic pearls
Mango vinegar pearls
Strawberry vinegar pearls

Refrigerate after opening and use within 4 weeks

Pearl up your salads! Spring is there – a perfect time to enjoy fresh salads.

The easiest way to prepare your dressings – just mix your greens and veggies with some good olive oil and put the fruity vinegar pearls on top. Beautiful to watch and the dressing is mixed directly on your palate.

Tomato balsamico pearls – ideal in every salad but especially with mozzarella

Strawberry vinegar pearls will highlight your salads with white asparagus, or add some pieces of ham or chicken and some raspberries.

Mango vinegar pearls – perfect with prawns or pieces of fish or goat cheese.

Try around and you will certainly enjoy them in your own creations!


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