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3 jars of pearls à 75g (50g or ca. 100 pearls each)

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In these difficult times, we have no other alternative rather than to stay positive and to keep smiling, no matter what happens.

This set of 3 jars of pearls is my way to provoke a smile on your face!

Tomatoes are responsible for our good mood! A high concentration of amino acids to produce serotonine, a “happiness hormone” is the key. And I doubled the amount of tomato puree in the vinegar to produce these pearls! They are definitely “happy pearls”.

Black Garlic is so healthy and enhances our immune system. They are very “healthy pearls”

And Champagne – well,  “Champagne! In victory one deserves it, in defeat one needs it.” Napoleon Bonaparte. In difficult times one simply needs Champagne Pearls  !!! 


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