Gift Set “FOOD and LOVE”


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1 glass of pearls of your choice
1 unique plate hand-painted by Lyne Fromiga
1 tweezers for the pearls
2 recipes developed for you with the pearls of your choice

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This is a unique gift set full of emotions and surprises.

  • 1 jar of pearls of your choice
  • 1 of the unique and exclusive plates hand-painted created in a limited edition exclusively to be combined with pearls
  • 1 tweezer to help you with your artful plating
  • and 2 recipes with the pearls you have chosen that I help you to develop according to your wishes and preferences

The pearls are creating not only seasoning your dishes but they also surprise your palate. These little hand-painted plates from the collection “bouche rouge” by a very talented artist and a wonderful person Lyne Fromiga are also creating emotions and surprises since each plate of this limited edition is unique and different.

Lyne Fromiga created these plates especially to go with the pearls. She describes that the Basque country and Japan are her countries of inspiration. Her design is timeless with few lines. “Bouche rouge” (red lips) adds joy and surprise to her otherwise mainly black and white design. “The hand which does not betray the spirit” is her motto.

I was inspired by this bouche rouge collection because even if it is far away from  the pearls, it has the same spirit – joy, surprise, creativity, and emotions. Lyne and myself have a lot in common – I do love the Basque country and its terrific cuisine and we share our love for Japan. Therefore it is just only logical that we started to work together.

On this picture I prepared the same little dish – ratatouille – and served them with two different pearls and on two plates painted by Lyne. Mango Vinegar pearls give the dish a feminine note, fruity touch, sunny color and served on a more feminine plate it creates a totally different emotion than the other one served with tomato balsamico pearls – earthy but also fruity, more heavy and dark – served on a more black plate – and voilá  – the dish feels different. This gift box is perfect for a Valentine’s day. Create emotions with pearls and with Lynes plates.