Black Garlic Pearls


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Pot 75g (net weight 50g) ca. 100 pearls (9mm)
Catering size 200g (ask for the price)


Black garlic is a type of aged garlic is made by heating whole bulbs of garlic (Allium sativum). The garlic flavor is softened such that it almost or entirely disappears depending on the length of time it is heated. Additionally, its flavour is dependent on that of the fresh garlic that was used to make it. Garlic with a higher sugar content produces a milder, more caramel-like flavour, whereas garlic with a low sugar content produces a sharper, somewhat more acidic flavour, similar in character to tomato paste. Black garlic appears to have even chocolate and coffee flavors and a lot of umami, which is the fifth taste (the four basic tastes are salty, sweet, acidic and bitter). In addition, black garlic is considered to be even more healthy than a normal fresh garlic due to a high concentration of antioxidants. Black garlic and also the pearls are almost universal in cooking  

  • with seafood and fish
  • with meat and poultry
  • with cheeses like e.g. fresh goat cheese
  • in Asian dishes
  • they enhance the flavor of the sauces – so try to spread some pearls over the sauce Hollandaise or other sauces
  • in desserts, it accompanies well chocolate cakes or even ice creams

As all pearls, they are a surprise for the palate and a joy to watch and give freedom and creativity to decide on the taste of each bite of the dish – depending on how many of these delicious pearls you take. Get some inspiration from our dishes and share yours. Enjoy! 



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