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It all starts

with a dream

Once upon a time...

How the story of

the pearls began

Many years ago, I came to Japan when a famous Japanese chemistry Professor invited me to come to do research at the Kyoto University. And it was there it all began…

I was truly fortunate to be surrounded by great people who introduced me to a new world.

Japanese cuisine with its eye for every minute detail, it’s amazing plates, ceramics, and lacquerware which are carefully chosen for each dish, with the meditating quietness of the surrounding, unusual and fascinating ingredients, spices, and flavors which are used in perfect amounts that one can taste and appreciate each component – this is the world I fell in love with.

I was traveling a lot – as a scientist and as a curious tourist – and I was absorbing the flavors of different cultures and cuisines. I was learning languages through cuisine, and I had a chance to be able to celebrate food at home.

I started to enter cooking contests and was fortunate enough to do well in them. Winning these contests was very satisfying, but there is nothing more rewarding than inspiring others and seeing them falling in love with food too. 

Over time, my dishes became more sophisticated. One of my first recipes was published by Eckart Witzigmann in the Apero magazine. The doors to the professional kitchens suddenly opened for me.

For me, cooking means joie de vivre, creativity and inspiration. It happened that I left chemistry and turned my passion into a job. My first pearl was made for fun; for friends in France.

It was the sherry Pedro Ximénez pearl, perfect to enhance the taste of foie gras – the highlight of Christmas for the French. This is how the story of my pearls started. 

My pearl collection is designed to add joy to food and to inspire people to be creative and enjoy their dishes even more. Thanks to my knowledge of chemistry, I can guarantee the best quality of my products without having to use “chemical” ingredients. My pearls are not only very decorative, they please the palate. They turn a simple dish into a highlight in no time.

 “Pearl up your Food” is not just a project – it is rather a mission to convey the joy of eating, to provoke a smile, to inspire creativity.

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All pearls are small in size but powerful and intensive in taste. They add flavors to the dishes – warm or cold. Sometimes just one pearl can make a difference. Browse through this unique collection of different flavors and I am sure you will find your personal favorites. Order them today and try them out with your favorite dishes!